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I am Ausra, professional artist of painting, drawing, calligraphy and stained glass art, deeply empowered by holistic conjuncture of spiritual human senses in everyday human life: touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste, extrasensory perception. Painting by inner emotional sense, rising from music sounds&observing performance of musicians is an inseparable part of my compositions. Most surprising creative collaborations were experienced with Lille National Orchestra from France in 2009 by creating a line of peintures « Traits d’Orchestre » and with Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra from USA in 2017, called « Symphony of Lines » My passion for drawing and painting, combined with sacred process of the unconscious mind flows into the colors, shapes, textures and different techniques turned out into bravely and ambitiously experiment in stained glass art, finishing «Stained glass» and «Art therapy» studies in France and finally opening the « French stained glass » studio in Singapore in 2013. Living in 4 totally different countries (Lithuania, France, USA, and Singapore), gathering impressions and experiences, made a deep imprint to my art: joyful soul of different cultures and traditions, expanded boundaries of world vision, linking universal human senses in vivid compositions. While traveling abroad, inspiration of colors, tones and shapes revealed my passion for cooking and food smoking. I’m certified in food protection in Ohio, USA. Also for the last 14 years I have been teaching a drawing, painting and creation of stained glass in Universities and private schools in France, Singapore and USA.

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Je suis Ausra, une artiste professionnelle franco-lituanienne. Je suis de retour en France après 7 ans de vie à Singapour et aux États-Unis.
Enseignante de dessin, peinture et vitrail depuis 14 ans dans des établissements privés, publics (Les Beaux-Arts) et dans mes ateliers d’art.
J’ai réalisé de nombreux projets comme : « Traits d’Orchestre » avec l’Orchestre National de Lille en 2009 & « Symphony of Lines » avec l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Dayton USA en 2017, ainsi que l’ouverture d’un atelier de vitrail « French stained glass » à Singapour en 2013
Je suis également passionné par la cuisine de tout horizon et les produits fumes. J’ai obtenu un certificat culinaire aux États-Unis.

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